After going to many shops that dissappointed my wife and I, we found this shop and have had all our work done here. They are fast and do a great job. Always honest and work with me in many ways to get the job done right.

Nick G. – Leesburg

Scheduled Maintenance

Following the automobile manufacturers scheduled maintenance services will extend the life of your vehicle, contribute to its performance, help maintain its safety standards, lower the cost of maintenance over time, and add to the resale value of your vehicle. Some of the components that need regular inspection and maintenance are: fluid changes, tune-ups, brakes, suspension, exhaust inspections, radiator coolant, and timing belt replacement – perhaps the most important and neglected item on the list.

We have the expertise and knowledge to perform these scheduled maintenance services at lower prices than dealers. Please come in or call to schedule your next upcoming or missed service.

Every car needs to be maintained; there are certain recommended services that are required by car manufacturers for proper maintenance and warranty service.

Whether it is a 30, 60, 90, 120 thousand mile service, or anything in between, you can be assured we have the expertise to meet your car needs and in most cases save you money.

Upon scheduling of your appointment, we will gladly email you a report specific to your make and model of automobile. Please click here for a sample report.

We have access to the same database that the dealers have. Today’s car repair information and specifications are on databases such as All Data, Mitchell On Demand, and Motor Guide. We have access to all these and use them on a regular basis.

The factory warranty of your automobile provides for scheduled maintenance to be performed at our shop with full warranty coverage still in effect.

Furthermore, we will research for any open recalls and all technical service bulletins pertaining to your vehicle and address them accordingly.

If there is any work needed on your automobile that is covered under warranty by the dealer, we will be more than happy to schedule that appointment for you at the dealership and take care of the details.

If your  vehicle is in need of scheduled maintenance, or if you want your car checked or serviced for any reason at all, get on the phone and call. We will be happy to let you know how we will help you.